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The Necrons are an innumerable foe. They are skeletal robots, mimmicing the bone structure of several Humanoid speceies. However, they are not true combat automata. Each Necron represents the trapped, enslaved soul of an ancient race of short-lived, genius creatures called the Necrontyr, named, apparently, for their fixation on death. The proccess of Enslavement and implantation made the soul a mindless idiot, resulting in a zombie-ish silver robot pulsating with the green light of it's trapped, miserable spirit.

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The Necrons outnumber their foes three fold

Birth of the NecronEdit

The Necrontyr existed 60,000,000 years before 41st millenium. As a race they were mechanical geniuses, and they created what is called 'living metal' which can change its form and repair itself from even the worst damage. The Necrontyr however were faced with a problem as the star around which their homeworld orbited was particularly violent and the massive amounts of radiation caused their lives to be brief and painful. In an attempt to escape from this fate, they sent out hibernation ships, massive tombships that carried countless necrontyr in stasis in hopes of finding a more hospitable world. It was at this time that they encountered the race known as the Old Ones.

The Old Ones had existed long before the Necrontyr and enjoyed amazing longetivity. The Necrontyr became envious of the long lived Old Ones and their envy eventually turned to bitterness and hatred. As a result, the Necrontyr declared war on the Old Ones. The fighting was brutal and raged for a long time. The Necrontyr fought hard, but the Old Ones were the greater of the two and relentlessly pushed the Necrontyr back. It was during this war that the Necrontyr found a massive energy creature in the shadow of the star. Further study showed that this energy creature was feeding from the star, and this feeding was what caused the star to be so violent. This, they thought, could be their edge.

Through innovation greater than any seen in the millenia to follow they created a machine known only as the Star Bridge. Using this device, as well as a body fashioned from living metal, also called necrodermis, they coaxed the energy creature into the shell and gave it physical form. It rose, a god among mortals and was dubbed a C'tan, which is Necrontyr for Star God. The first being to be brought into physical form was the C'tan from their own star. It took the form of a sallow figure, wreathed in black and wielding a scythe. Moments after its birth, it began to massacre those who had brought it into being, and only through supplication and promises of better prey did the Nightbringer cease his slaughter.

The next C'tan to appear was a golden-skinned figure who bore himself with regal poise. A far cry from the feral Nightbringer, when the Necrontyr explained their plight in the war the golden-skinned figure created millions upon millions of necrodermis shells, gleaming silver skeletons with machinery complex beyond imagining beneath the living metal. The golden C'tan promised to ensconce the Necrontyr in these bodies to better fight, and more closely approach the gods they worshipped. It was a trap. The first Necrontyr to be betrayed became the Immortals, in bodies bigger and better than the standard warriors. They were the first to have their soul shattered and be rendered mindless and obedient. All Necrontyr fell and the golden C'tan revealed his name. Deceiver.

After the Nightbringer and the Deceiver came countless other C'tan, though only two others are well know. The Void Dragon, who is identified with machines, and is possibly conceived as the Adeptus Mechanicus Omnissiah on Mars, and the Outsider, who is said to cause madness wherever he goes. Little is known about the other C'tan because the Deceiver tricked either the Nightbringer or the Outsider into devouring them all until only the four were left. Rumors of a fifth C'tan on the planet Seneschal were enough to declare Exterminatus on the planet. It is unknown if the creature survived or perished.

What came next is known as the War in Heaven


The Necron infantry mainly comprises of slow, yet durable forces. The Necron are all robotic, so are not biological. However due to their metallic skin's strange properties, they can still repair themselves.


Necrons use gauss technology for their weapons, using electromagnetic beams to rip the molecules from a target, layer by layer. Each Gauss Flayer (which explains at once how it works and what it does) is equipped with an underslung hatchet.

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