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Land BasedEdit

  • Dreadnought - The dreadnought is not so much a vehicle as an armoured, walking coffin. Each Dreadnought entombs a mortally wounded Space Marine, directly controlling the machine's limbs. The stronger, more expensive model comes equipped with a pair of Dreadnought Close Combat Weapons, which can be upgraded to a lascannon or Assault Cannon. This pattern is officially called a "Furiso" Dreadnaught. The weaker, cheaper model carries a rocket launcher and assault cannon, which can be upgraded to a lascannon. In Dawn of War 2, there is a variant called a "Venerable Dreadnaught", truly ancient, a deathless veteran of countless battles.
  • Land Speeder-A small antigrav car armed with a twin-linked heavy bolter and twin-linked assault cannon.
  • Razorback(DoW II only)-An armed variant of the Rhino, it sports a twin-linked heavy bolter on the back and Rough Terrain modifications.
  • Rhino-A large APC. Unarmed, except for optional smoke bomb launchers.
  • Predator-A three-turreted medium tank armed with two sponson-mounted Heavy bolters and a main-turret mounted autocannon, which can be upgraded to four lascannons. It was changed to Predator Annihilator in Winter Assault. The Predator Annihilator is able to take down a baneblade in a fair fight.
  • Land Raider- a large tank/APC armed with a pair of lascannons and a twin-linked heavy bolter. It is the only vehicle that can carry Terminators. They are considered sacred to the Imperium, as only the Space Marines and certain Rouge Trader families are permitted to use them. their Machine Spirit (a soul inhabiting a mechanical body) is fully sentient, allowing the vehicle to dodge with suprising agilty.
  • Whirlwind-a tank that fires rockets from a missile battery on it's roof. It cannot defend itself against close-combat weapons. It uses the same chassis as the Rhino, but it's cargo hold is taken up by spare rockets, and targeting equipment.
  • Land Raider Redeemer (DoWII only)-A land raider focused purely on anti-infantry. It sports two Flamestorm Cannons, two Assault Cannons, and a Multi-Melta.


  • Land Speeder Tempest - a Land Speeder with a modified antigrav unit allowing it to partake in air battles.
  • Thunderhawk (non-trainable) A heavy cargo ship that delivers Space Marine vehicles. Used during the Iron Rain strategy to ferry legions of troops into battle in a single flight.
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